Liverpool Tour Guy


If you're visiting Liverpool there's no better way to see the sites than taking a guided walk.
We offer daily guided walking tours of Liverpool and private tours tailored to your needs.
Whether you're a regular visitor or visiting Liverpool for the first time there is so much to see in this fantastic City.
We have the expertise to plan your visit and show you so much of Liverpool's fantastic architecture and hidden histories.

If you think Liverpool is all about the Beatles and football you might be surprised to learn that Liverpool is the most popular city to visit in the UK and in 2014 was the third most popular city in the world to visit according to Rough Guides, 99% of visitors want to return and often do. Liverpool's history and architecture is second to none.
Here is a small sample of what Liverpool has to offer.
Here you will find Britain's largest Cathedral with the worlds heaviest and highest peal of Bells and Britain's largest church organ.
The first railway in the world and the first underground railway tunnels beneath a city.
The skyscraper was designed here in Liverpool with the construction of the first metal framed glass curtain wall buildings at 14 Water street and 16 Cook street, designed by Peter Ellis. Liverpool's famous three graces on the waterfront are a world heritage site, the Royal Liver Building was the tallest storied building in Europe until 1932 and the tallest in the United Kingdom until 1961, The Royal Liver building clock is Britain's largest clock face.
Liverpool has world class restaurants, theatres, museums to rival any city, all supported by the finest hotels.
If you like something quite Liverpool has many parks and gardens and is surrounded by excellent beaches such as Crosby, Formby, Hoylake, and the countryside of Cheshire and North Wales is in easy reach.

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